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The Time I Stoled

You know the saying someone’s trash is another man treasure? Well that is what I thought when I saw this umbrella in the trash at one of the cleaning locations that I clean. As I first thought, it’s in the trash it must be trash I didn’t think much of it so I went on my day took the umbrella with me and forgot about it. The days went by and than one day before work it started to pour rain and I to use the umbrella for the first time, told one of my coworker the story of where I got it from and how. She told me this information that blew my mind, “Are you sure it was trash, some people just leave it in the trash to be dried out.” I was shook, I thought about it for a while and I did it too I left it in the trash to be dried out, than it hit me, I just stolen an umbrella. I felt bad about it and I would like to think that it was in fact trash and I was right but I have my doubts about it now. But as we all know life must go on and I am not brave enough to return it, well the facts just won’t add up. I am debating weather it is a stolen item or just an umbrella in the trash, I would like to change the past to that moment where I may or have not stolen this clear see through umbrella. I will have to carry this guilt for a long time and I am prepare for that my own actions are the ones that brought me to this moment. We all have stolen something and this was the story of my first time, I will eventually get better I just hope this does not take me in to the dark side. 

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Love Battles

Only fight battles you are sure to win and trying to not fall in love is not one of them, everyone wants to be loved, everyone wants to be in love not everyone finds love.

Messing around now that’s the easy part, no feeling until there’s feeling. There is always two versions to every love story like the one who falls harder than falling from a bridge and the one that falls as hard as falling on a pit of roses.

When it comes to the battle of love you will need more than sword and guns. The feeling is unstoppable it is invisible you won’t even notice it until you feel it and then it will be too late to stop it you would have lost the battle without even knowing that it started.

It has been said that all’s fair in love and war, when the other person uses their weapons against you without even knowing themselves, is that a power or a curse that you don’t even know that you are hurting so many people?

Time after time we try to have a wall between you and other people to help not falling in love, is that the best idea if that is the best way to go all the time than how will you actually win a battle.’

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My Love

My love you lie always, hold your breathe as you speak, walk as slow as a moving rock. My love if I had a way to run I would for I can’t stand to look at you. 

I am not even a fool for you and you are an idiot to me, you shine as much as the darkness. If I was dying an you were my cure, I am 6 feet under. 

They have said before kiss a frog and it will turn into a prince, that has yet to be you, a frogs lips are far more soft by the looks of yours. 

You wear the clothes from ages and feel fresh in them, I want to hide under thorns, well they are less painful than the embarrassment.

My love a pig is less sloppy than you are and I am thinking of trading you for one, my love colder than the ocean and Australia.

When you sleep I want to knock you out and take you to the other side of the world, make you go insane and never come back.

My love those are the things I would say in a horrible day for my love for you is one of a kind and as rare as white peacock in the middle of Australia. 

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Now What?

And we go on and on, thinking that saying will give us a different feeling or give us an answer, and we just sit there and think to our self being of now what should I do now, how should I feel now, how am I going to make a change or feel better about myself and well being. The power of life, the power that makes us have so many questions that we have no answers or will get answers to them. I sometimes think to myself in a way that I wonder about where I am in life, now what, what can I say what can I do, should I feel different or the same, such I react fast or slow. Should I be looking for a soulmate or such I just stop looking? Now what, but I believe that I should just wonder and never answer myself, because answering myself will led to more questions and if I am honest I sometimes rather not have any answers, some people cry, some people dream, some people sleep, some people stay up, some people die, and now what? What should I end my life with? Maybe a big bang, or a dream? A look? Or a deal?’



It’s funny how so many people commit,

Their minds, hearts, souls, and life to one God,

Instead of hundreds and millions of humans in this world,

That we can see and that need the help of those who;

“Believe” in the “word” of God,

That if they “Follow” God and pray and worship him they will be “Saved”

But if they did actually follow God they would know,

He wants his followers to do good and help others,

But once again people have failed to understand the truth meaning

Of God, faith, and hope’