Our Planet

The idea and the concept that this planet (Earth) is ours that humans were somehow bless, and are the most loved ones by the universe because we were “given” this beautiful planet. That we are the most intelligent of all living things, all the plants and animals in the world are nothing compare to us, that we can treat them like unlike humans that we can live life walking around, killing everything else but ourselves. The theory of that, that this planet wasn’t made for humans can somehow be more a reason than what we think. I mean think of that the idea that we are not made for this planet that we think too much of ourselves and that it makes us in a way not appreciate everything else around us. Out of billions of planets, we are the only ones? The most important? The smartest? Let’s rethink that shall we, in the beginning there was nothing, it’s been said that picture literally nothing is impossible and now we are somehow here in the center of the universe (which is not literally the center of the universe) but we are humans so we’ll say center of the universe for the heck of it, in time around 750 B.C there came Homer and all the beautiful, incredible myths stories to the Greek people. The gods and goddess embrace by Homer, but it begin with the Gold people, they’re were perfect and live perfect lives, wouldn’t that be fantastic rather than now that humanity has found a way to worsen lives of themselves and those around. The idea of us not being the chosen ones in some way makes us feel unwanted or less than that of thinking that we are superior than everything else. We are worth much but we should not be so shallow about it and ignore the little things that are seem unimportant by many, as if trees won’t die out, animals won’t seeds, and humans can continue without the little things that actually matter’

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I see too many signs that I shouldn’t be stable that a dose or two would work, that a drop in a glass will make everything go away just for today and than tomorrow what? I see the signs everywhere I am losing my stability but I cannot let that happen I must remember that I have too much to lose no not gold yet so much gold to me, too many people around me to do it I have to o much to lose my stability yet I feel alone one minute alone becomes an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, I am alone yet not alone but the time I am alone my mind takes over my thoughts become plans become feelings I want to believe in a greater being to blame, for not taking me already I don’t want to feel anything anymore, yet my life is gold. many may know the life they live is the only one that they are not able to change what has happen. Yet many have struggle with what has already happen that they don’t even think about the now. The moment of thought that you start to feel as if everything was falling that is the moment when you set yourself back. That will be  the thin line between staying stable and not, even the warriors have fallen at one point, the toughest birds have broken their wings and the sharks have been killed by the unexpected. Storms have been deadly yet so beautiful, thought of them doing any damage would seem insane’ 

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The River of Love

I cried tears in the river of love. Where many have fallen for lust. It may be a small river but also long. Many boats, some are small, some are big, new and old, floating around from shore to shore, Most have not an ounce of clue where they are sailing to, with the intention of following the same path that many have followed. The thought of them ending up around a heavenly kingdom, has most of them insane. Not realizing all the beauty that they have been missing in every shore passed. That the river has been created by the ones crying tears by the shore. Searching the heavenly kingdom, they have missed the important thing to know in their journey; the boat will land in the heavenly kingdom the happiness will last for a decent amount of time but it will not last forever, the heart break will kill the kingdom and everything that was left with it, all the known and unknown that eventually will die, they will sit on that shore where the heavenly kingdom was and that they will cry tears in the river of love. They will see many boats pass by seeking a different ending but the ending will stay the same for none of them have learned that on their way to their heavenly kingdom they should pick all the ones crying the river for you cannot have a kingdom without hearts to keep it alive.

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Everybody has their demons in different ways we always have to try harder to keep the demons in, we must find the balance within our demons to contain them and not let them out, from the time we see the light this world takes over us and we became a part of it over time we feel all of its pain, growth, fallen, grief that this world has, some have demons stronger than others the one that is with the married woman, the one that is the married woman, that demon within says, “I know she is married but I can’t stop staring I wonder if he treats her as I do and when he kisses her I wonder if she is thinking about me.” The demon within her says, “I am married am I really really thinking of you?” The demons within us are not really evil they are just our dark side making some of the choice for us. Our demons are not scary we do not fear them, they are feelings and desires that we know we should in a way stay away from but we can’t, as time goes by like its been said before we learn from our mistakes and that is true in most case we know the wrong and rights, the millions things that we have said through our years of breathing have made us wish we didn’t or wish we did. Holding someones else soulmate in our hands knowing that they are theirs and not yours but still doing it, for what reason? To hurt yourself, them both or just to be an ass and have no feelings of who you damage during the process. Therefore many of who are good at keeping their demons in know that they are the ones holding the axes, on the other hand I can’t that those who do let the demons out are weak wouldn’t that be ironic?

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Ever Been

This might sound a bit off for some but have you ever been so confused and stressed about something, someone or even yourself. I mean ya right? You maybe working on some work, a project even just making your bed. Yes! Make your bed, even if you were to tell someone that you had a hard time making your bed they would look at you like you are insane like they have never heard something so much crazier than that. I am here to say that, it actually does happen to many of us sometimes a simple task seems impossible. It may seem like that because I mean you have had the longest week, you have battle through everyday monsters some of which we create ourselves making it everyday, and one day you wake up, your bed is a mess and as you start fixing it you take a deep breathe and want to craw back into it. Some answers you may give yourself for what you are feeling; I most be depress,stress, or just becoming insane. I am here to let you know you need it, that deep breathe and I hate my life moment, the I just want to lay down for a day and watch my life go by thought. That stress and over wellness is what may actually remind you, that you are still alive, and making it because there is many of us who just cannot bare and do not make it. Everyone has that moment, after a breakup, a lost of a person we love, a loss of a job, the living check by check can’t get a break, everyone has a different moment and when that moment comes don’t just “get over it.” Do take a deep breathe because that just might be all you need at the moment.’ 

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The day that you may, want to take me with you and take my last breath do it now or later whenever, I just ask for you to do it in a second because I know where you are taking me. The cold yet burning place that, and I’ll be heartless but I tell you I have been cold and heartless way before you’ll come to get me and believe me when I say I will not feel the pain. I have not felt pain I do not think it’s even real and if there is it will be for a second. I have not cared for my mistakes and pleasing those around me for what I care, Cause you can do the and try not to make mistakes and once you make one that’s the day you will see the backs of the people. You most be thinking what is the point of me letting you know this well, I am just saying I will not care or feel so do not waste you time and take me in a beat for that one second is all you’ll need. I know that the place that I am going to will be of heartless ones too but we have started for the good.’


Brain Washed

Have you seen someone getting brain washed?

I have everyday of and everyone I see in the world,

Yes, I see people getting brain washed by The Bible,

Tv, money, humans, and many of other things,

When did we stop thinking for ourselves,

When did we give the power of our minds away and let someone else the power,

 Having a mind set based on the things that we see,

Now that’s thinking for yourself,

Learning is the key and that is having a brain’