ISIS is The Enemy!

The religion could be evil but those who left the religion and are fleeing from Isis want to better their children’s future, if Isis keeps taking the pure innocent soul of these 3 year old and turning them into territories to kill then Isis will always win. We have seen videos of children crying, bleeding, running away from the bombs, guns. We also have seen some carry the heads of people. Difference between both are that they have been taught to into thinking that killing is good. If you laugh of a lie of a child, they will think it’s good or funny and keep lying. Now those that hold the heads have already been brainwashed by those who have chapped them off. Isis hates America and there attacks will keep coming as long as Isis has power and they get their power from training the little ones to follow into their steps. Now should America again be reminded of Hitler the Jews,the KKK the black, Columbus the Native Americans, and immigrates I truly hope we are not against saving people, because we too have fled our own countries for whatever reason. Some bring up the how are we going to feed, shelter, or take care of them, I doubt they are even thinking of that there only question is how are we going to escape from getting our children, women, and men murder by Isis.’