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Wait is Over

The wait is over and that nail biting, hair pulling, hours getting ready have ended, that is the moment you decide that the wait is over, the moment you realize you have no chance and you’ll let it go, yeah you are completely right it will be hard to get over the one you been waiting for but now you can move on, you will stand up straight and tall as a cop pulling you over for drinking and driving, speak as if you have nothing to worry and with no sound of sadness from any word, for those words will decide the thin line between let them know if you are okay rather than uncovering your secret that you are indeed stay inlove, that you are falling apart and that if you had to wait longer you would, yet that would be more painful correct but then you think what if this waiting timeline has a different result? I rather say it won’t not a different result because you’ll be mad if all that wait was for no reason, than being to wonder if love is indeed real or just another fictional story that everyone wants to believe, as fairy godmothers and unicorns and explanation to unicorns would be they’re just like ponies when knowing well that there is no unicorns, even if love is something that seems to be real or close to it should we believe that it is real? Most people would say yes believe in it, I understand why they might say that well if you don’t believe in love you will live life wondering if it is real, doesn’t that mean that a part of you still believes in the fact that there is love out there and upsets you when you know that something that you don’t have?’

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Speed Up Time

We have no power to speed up time but if we could lord how much would we, I on the other hand like to think of myself as able to do so to speed up time, the least amount of time I spend thinking about anything really makes time go way faster, so I stop every thought for so time can speed up and I can see you one more because you are not here yet and I’ll have to wait and wait, yet I’ll be patient because we don’t have the power to control time and though I like to think as myself to be able I am as helpless as anyone else, I on the other hand have to be able to control my emotions when it comes I can’t be careless, for you are married and inlove and I will not change that or so one side of me thinks the other side thinks that I should, but I am not in the Click move I do not have a remote to control time oh how I wish I could, imagine that if I made a mistake I could go back and fix it or say forget it and just speed up time, and lord knows I want you with me, why couldn’t I meet you at the right time? But when is it the right time? And why if there is no right time? Will I just be wasting time? Well you are happy are so you say so but I don’t want to believe that because I want a chance at least a bit of possibility, speed up time so I can see you.’ 

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Your Eyes

I think I was lost the moment I looked into your eyes, I smile as a dummy a child when staring right at a toy, cupcake, ice cream, the thought of wanting you more each day make me weak and I think some part of you has notice I might decide to let you know someday and ya it might freak you out and you might change the way you act towards me but I rather somewhat let it you know like I would be so much at peace or would I? The fact to be rejected is killing that will be the moment I lose all of the oxygen left in me, my pride would melt and I would feel odd once again in my life, yes I want you every bit of you I fell for your eyes oh lord those colored eyes if you ask me to do anything for you how could I decline that when you smile and tell me to do may things for you and the world disappears, how can I stay away if every time I look at you I fall inlove maybe I should forget it let you be happy with whoever you wish but it will hurt, I will die deep inside I will forget how to smile for a very long time I want to touch you as if I was the one allowed to do so, if I was asked if I felt this way forever ago I would have said yes either way because when I first saw you my heart stopped for light years so it felt like.’

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living in this world we always want to feel happy all the time yet many of us will agree that noone is happy most of the time, feeling empty like you are missing a piece of yourself and you don’t know what it is and since we go day by day trying to figure why we are so empty, we do things to make that feeling go away, we sip a little more, or one more pill, this cut will make it better, or 9 months and the joy will be here, maybe a lets go on a trip behind these bars where the sun doesn’t even reach us, or the I think he really likes me we did ask me out for date number two, I know it might be too soon but I think he really does like me, maybe the bro I really think she likes me well she did sleep with me on the second date or does that not mean anything for her? Or maybe the friend ya bro I think she does like you than and thinking in his mind but not as much as I do yet besides all those thing that you might try to do to filled the empty part of yourself you will still feel empty because its somehow a human craving that we have, even if we were 100% happy you would turn it until 99% because everyone thinks noone can be 100% happy all the time doesn’t matter what they do.’

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It is Said

It is said not to look at a person you find attractive in a way that you will remember that person for that you will fall deep in love, that everything about that person you will want that every time you are next to them you’ll feel as if you were under water and as if you couldn’t breathe and the only thing needed would be their lips and your lips together, that when yall are next to each other and one says the right words one starts to melt, everything you seen about that person their eyes, hair, lips, hands….will have you wondering what is it that they do to make you act this way, it’s been say to never look at a person that you will not be able to be with, in a way that you’ll remember for you will fall deep inlove with that person, yet we have a weakness to stare at them from head to toe and every inch of their body that everything about them seems perfect and that the whole room disappears but that one person and that you want their lips and yours together, it is said never to look at a person that can not walk away from their perfect life to be with you, in a way you’ll remember for you’ll fall deep inlove, yet no ones life is perfect and some evil part of you wishes their life was not as perfect as it seems, and the person they have pick wasn’t the right one that they will leave their perfect life for you. I tell you not to remember that you are inlove with the person you look at that way.’

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If I could fly I swear I would,

Sore through the wind and never stop not even for a second, probably right I might need 

Water but I am afraid that in that moment of thirst I loss my wings and all the looks I 

had before would be gone, I still like the stares, knowing that they look from the corner 

of their eyes, yet none of them can fly with me, yet sometimes that is the only thing I 

need it is very true I made it sound as if I didn’t care for such a thing like if when I am 

out there in the world I just like to watch it go by but I do I want to know that if I were to 

sore without a notice someone will notice, otherwise I’ll keep flying on my own.’



It is said that soulmates was started long time ago when couples that were so inlove promise eachother that once they die they we’ll meet again. That many years have passed and as they live day by day they have forgotten they would meet again. That when they are at steps of meeting and everything around them stops but that sometimes they are to distracted to even notice. So they have to wait longer and longer. The couple will live throughout their life feeling the missing piece until they meet again. Soulmate? What does it mean? Some may see it unreal and some may believe in the fact everyone has one. What ever people may believe we all know we are all looking for one. So many people what are the chances you’ll meet yours in this lifetime? Is yours even still alive? Will we even be able to tell when we are right next to them? Too many questions and no answers, now I am just make you think a bit more rather than making that part of your life easier. But now you are just not using your brain anymore cause life isn’t supposed to be easily. But wait, who said that it wasn’t suppose to be easy? Or is it just that we make it harder than it is? Well one thing might be for sure you haven’t found your soulmate yet. Good luck to you my friend.’