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Everybody has their demons in different ways we always have to try harder to keep the demons in, we must find the balance within our demons to contain them and not let them out, from the time we see the light this world takes over us and we became a part of it over time we feel all of its pain, growth, fallen, grief that this world has, some have demons stronger than others the one that is with the married woman, the one that is the married woman, that demon within says, “I know she is married but I can’t stop staring I wonder if he treats her as I do and when he kisses her I wonder if she is thinking about me.” The demon within her says, “I am married am I really really thinking of you?” The demons within us are not really evil they are just our dark side making some of the choice for us. Our demons are not scary we do not fear them, they are feelings and desires that we know we should in a way stay away from but we can’t, as time goes by like its been said before we learn from our mistakes and that is true in most case we know the wrong and rights, the millions things that we have said through our years of breathing have made us wish we didn’t or wish we did. Holding someones else soulmate in our hands knowing that they are theirs and not yours but still doing it, for what reason? To hurt yourself, them both or just to be an ass and have no feelings of who you damage during the process. Therefore many of who are good at keeping their demons in know that they are the ones holding the axes, on the other hand I can’t that those who do let the demons out are weak wouldn’t that be ironic?

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The Power of Unknown

Have you ever thought about things?  More like everything. Take a minute to ask the questions you wonder about most of the time. How did we become humans?

What happens to us after we die? Is there a heaven and a hell? Are there really aliens out there? Are there really sea monsters, in the sea? 

We can go on and on about it, you get the point. Sometimes I like to think I have all the answers but I don’t.

Unknown is so powerful, asks you questions over and over again, just to laugh at your face because you don’t know the answers.

Wraps around your head and holds on until it gives you a headache, Bam Bam thats your head exploding.

Unknown doesn’t leave you alone and that makes you an angry person, than you hate it all.

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Tiny Things

Tiny things, I have been thinking of this for sometimes since I seen Legends of Tomorrow there was one episode which had one of the main character, Rip Hunter.

In that episode he was turn into a tiny person kind of like an action figure and so was his spaceship, the part that I found astonishing was the fact that he hadn’t even realized that his spaceship and himself were as tiny as an average action figure.

My main point to this is imagine if that was you and you thought you lived in a big whole Earth but it was literary tiny and maybe you and everyone in the world is a table setting like it was in the show for Rip Hunter.

It is a nice thought to think about  what we actually are in this world and what we are meant to do in life.

Believe or not there is one true fact and that is that we cannot tell if anything around us is real because ourselves are the only one that knows of our existent. Some scientist even consider the possibility that everything around us is made up by us and that is very much so a crazy thing to think about.

The brain of a human is just extraordinary if we look at all the thing that we have accomplished over during the year we would think to much of ourselves.

If we look back on history and see everything that could have changed by literary changing one tiny thing in history as it was in Legends of Tomorrow. Our people would see how one tiny thing could effect everything’   

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Gold is not Sliver

The first day that I have seen the light was the day when I was born, that marked the beginning to the end of my days. I was born in a planet named Sliver, reason why it was named like that is because many of the citizens from my planet have sliver skin color. When I was born my planet could not believe their eyes when they would see me, I was born a gold skin color. That made big news, while my parents were in Portal 9, the destination for all new born babies. They turn on the wall frame and saw how the news was leaked to the nations and our empire rulers, they were indeed on their way to Portal 9 to take me from my parents, test me, and find out why I was gold when in Sliver there has never been anyone else that was any other color. My mother, captain of The Ship Spacer, my father teacher of  Powers Academy, they were going to protect me from anything and anyone no matter what. As I said my father is a teacher of  Powers Academy in other words yes we do have powers in our nation, we train as soon as we start walking incase the Outcomers attack once again. The Outcomers are all different colors and there are gold ones just like me, that is the reason our rulers want me in solitude or nonexistent. It was said that the Outcomers planet was better than ours that they had no training and that they were happy all the time, that all changes one day when our rulers went to explore their planet and killed over 300 of them. The rulers from Sliver lied to our whole nation saying that they were Outcomers and that the planet is evil and that they want to kill all of us. That day that I Alex Gold Rizz was born on May 2040 bit years was the day my nation changed weather it was for the best or worst that is an answer that will depend on whom you asked. Sliver was divide by many, we had the wealthy, the poor, the prisoner, the powerless but they were all sliver unlike me. As my parents watch the wall frame they knew they had to act quick, they gather everything from our from at Portal 9 and had an escape plan………………………….until next line’

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Lets just speak a little bit of risk shall we go everyday thinking about tomorrow and what we will do or where we will go sometimes we just make ourselves stress over nothing. The reason for this is simple we are just scared to make risk because of what will happen and will it work out or if it won’t work out rather than just let it happen. In other words we cannot tell what the future will look like and when you have many things to lose that makes it even more harder of a risk to take. Another thing that also drive us would be money noone can say that they don’t think of money everyday of there life and I mean everyday. We get up in the morning with the plan of making money and the desire of doing so grows more everyday as we go. I love money I do I have never been afraid to say it out loud, I believe that money is power I really do think so. However here is a big tip in order to make money you have to risk time and money on yourself I will never get tired of saying this investing in yourself is the biggest investment that you could ever make and even if you do or do not make it than at least you can leave will the knowledge and what you learn. I mean just consider every factor and think of to main ones the I either make it or not.’

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Now What?

And we go on and on, thinking that saying will give us a different feeling or give us an answer, and we just sit there and think to our self being of now what should I do now, how should I feel now, how am I going to make a change or feel better about myself and well being. The power of life, the power that makes us have so many questions that we have no answers or will get answers to them. I sometimes think to myself in a way that I wonder about where I am in life, now what, what can I say what can I do, should I feel different or the same, such I react fast or slow. Should I be looking for a soulmate or such I just stop looking? Now what, but I believe that I should just wonder and never answer myself, because answering myself will led to more questions and if I am honest I sometimes rather not have any answers, some people cry, some people dream, some people sleep, some people stay up, some people die, and now what? What should I end my life with? Maybe a big bang, or a dream? A look? Or a deal?’

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Beyond The Devil’s Eyes

Blame me, blame me shall you or shall you not, what does it matter anyways. I unlike ya’ll have spent not years, not days but I have been trying to please my father that whom no one or anything is good enough for him, since the beginning of time. My story has been told a billion times, yet no one can sum it all up to making it into one original movie could ya’ll, oh little petty mortals. Now don’t be bitter at the things I am rather insulting you with, I mean what would you expect from Lucifer, Devil, Satan, Prince of Darkness, and so on oh please go ahead besides my father gave you the power to do so. Now here I go, believe me or not but this will make you question all of him and all of you.

My father has always wanted the best, everything he made, when he decide to make angels he thought every detail of me. Father made me perfect head to toe made me the most beautiful I was the best angel, I was the son he spent time on. He messed up, or did he? Father had a plan from the beginning, the problem he made me too perfect angels were made to follow him. I was not I never wanted to follow anyone and I never wanted to be followed, I had Ideas I wanted a universe were no one shall follow no one where there was no god. Father had that power of being follow he didn’t hate it, my ideas grow some of the other angels agree that made father even more bitter. Until one day he cast me out of heaven into hell the darkness, the fire, all the dead souls crying like wolves for days.

Since the day I was cast into hell my job has been punishing dead souls for their little failings, those whom at one point blame the failings on me I mean why on earth would I make ya’ll petty humans do things I rather find outrages. I still work for my father; I was made to do the job he wanted to do but wasn’t meant to do because father is good old god and him hurting souls seems out of their mind. who is the evil one? I am, my father is and you are, the perfect was always made to be an imperfect plan, my father is God has the power to do whatever he please he could have just killed me and made me again instead he gave me one of the most important/evil jobs in his empire. My father created two empires Heaven and Hell, now has passed that empire to me, understand I am not responsible for your failings, they disgust me and I am not please and when you reach me I will make you pay. You will be dead and I will have your souls, but you will still feel, and you will be hurting till the day, I stop being Lucifer. I may be evil for punishing souls, the soul who made others suffer on earth, am I really evil? My father when he gave me this job does not think I am evil.’