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Gorgeous, I have not stopped thinking about you. Is this the part where I write a love poem about you? Nah, this time I’ll skip that part. Well see I’ll grow to love you deeply and at the end feel all very blue. Gorgeous I will walk with you holding your hand by the lakeside watching the sunset. Gorgeous we will get married to your favorite sounds of the beautiful sea. Spend our honeymoon at our beach house and run to the shore to get our toes sandy and wet. Believe me when I say I love you, when I kiss your forehead remember for how long to the time you close your eyes and open them up again. Gorgeous I want you to know that I want you to remember my hugs, the ones where I would whisper in your ear the words that made you fall in love. I love laying on your bedside. Gorgeous some how you are my everyday bread and drug. Keeps me going and so addicted to you at the sametime, is this even healthy. Anything that feels this strong most be.’

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The Worst Car Crash

Yes I am hurting, it’s hard to see but I am, see I always feel like I’m not good enough like I should try harder until I collapse or so. I don’t want to hurt myself, I don’t want to hurt myself, why do I keep repeating it so many times if I don’t want to hurt myself? I mean yet if lets say if I were hypothetically think being in a car and crashing into a tree or going off the bridge, best case scenario would be I were to die, worst-case scenario would be if I were to live I know what thoughts may enter your mind. How is that that worst-case scenario if you would be alive?

Answers: I wake up in a hospital bed next to me my crying mother and a cop waiting to make a report. The reason, there’s just not any.

Me: How in the world am I still alive? How in the world will I pay the hospital bill? The car most be a toll! When can I get out of this bed? I mean not that I actually could before the crash when I was dealing with my depression, panic attacks and don’t forget good old stress. Oh wait, but I am alive what do I have to lose right? 

  • Car Crash=Broken Ribs, Leg, Neck
  • Hospital=Hospital Bill
  • Police=Report
  • Car=Toll
  • Me=Problems
  • Solution=Win or Lose?
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​My mind, an airplane that travels everywhere tho this airplane is rather a bit different it travels everywhere at the time, wants to see the different skys, but can’t pay attention to one, yet this airplane can’t seem to leave the one place it stands in ya it’s still on and you are able to listen to all the engine sounds, yet can’t get one actual sound that’s loud for everyone to hear, and that’s the moment it decides that it just doesn’t want to make any sounds anymore.


That One(….)Person

Oh see the person that doesn’t care what anyone thinks,
See the person who cares too much what everyone thinks,
The one that cares about everyone and forgets about their self,
Oh the person who is too selfish and has no time to think about the rest because their dreams are not as big as their own,
And the one that can’t sleep at night until they get through the tough day they have tomorrow,
The one that can’t ever find love because their self-esteem is low,
And the one that has love from many and no self love.’

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An Ocean, Boat, and Woman

An ocean, boat, and woman,

A big boat as the Titanic, even bigger such as the ones in our modern times today,

There was a woman with dark hair, the greatest lips know to man kind,

The ocean is only blue because it is a refection of the sky,

So if the sky is dark so will the ocean,

And if there happens to be a beautiful woman on board,

With eyes that stare into yours and look right pass your soul,

Than you shall bright up the sky with her presence,

Wear a fancy suit to dance with her,

And when she smiles that’s when you know she feels safe in your arms,

At the end of that same night let her know that she is the most possibly could be your soul mate,

Because the man you are already knew that the moment your eyes connected,

The next morning in your arms she will awaken,

Moments at sea were the beginning of many more’