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The River of Love

I cried tears in the river of love. Where many have fallen for lust. It may be a small river but also long. Many boats, some are small, some are big, new and old, floating around from shore to shore, Most have not an ounce of clue where they are sailing to, with the intention of following the same path that many have followed. The thought of them ending up around a heavenly kingdom, has most of them insane. Not realizing all the beauty that they have been missing in every shore passed. That the river has been created by the ones crying tears by the shore. Searching the heavenly kingdom, they have missed the important thing to know in their journey; the boat will land in the heavenly kingdom the happiness will last for a decent amount of time but it will not last forever, the heart break will kill the kingdom and everything that was left with it, all the known and unknown that eventually will die, they will sit on that shore where the heavenly kingdom was and that they will cry tears in the river of love. They will see many boats pass by seeking a different ending but the ending will stay the same for none of them have learned that on their way to their heavenly kingdom they should pick all the ones crying the river for you cannot have a kingdom without hearts to keep it alive.

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The Time I Stoled

You know the saying someone’s trash is another man treasure? Well that is what I thought when I saw this umbrella in the trash at one of the cleaning locations that I clean. As I first thought, it’s in the trash it must be trash I didn’t think much of it so I went on my day took the umbrella with me and forgot about it. The days went by and than one day before work it started to pour rain and I to use the umbrella for the first time, told one of my coworker the story of where I got it from and how. She told me this information that blew my mind, “Are you sure it was trash, some people just leave it in the trash to be dried out.” I was shook, I thought about it for a while and I did it too I left it in the trash to be dried out, than it hit me, I just stolen an umbrella. I felt bad about it and I would like to think that it was in fact trash and I was right but I have my doubts about it now. But as we all know life must go on and I am not brave enough to return it, well the facts just won’t add up. I am debating weather it is a stolen item or just an umbrella in the trash, I would like to change the past to that moment where I may or have not stolen this clear see through umbrella. I will have to carry this guilt for a long time and I am prepare for that my own actions are the ones that brought me to this moment. We all have stolen something and this was the story of my first time, I will eventually get better I just hope this does not take me in to the dark side. 

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Everybody has their demons in different ways we always have to try harder to keep the demons in, we must find the balance within our demons to contain them and not let them out, from the time we see the light this world takes over us and we became a part of it over time we feel all of its pain, growth, fallen, grief that this world has, some have demons stronger than others the one that is with the married woman, the one that is the married woman, that demon within says, “I know she is married but I can’t stop staring I wonder if he treats her as I do and when he kisses her I wonder if she is thinking about me.” The demon within her says, “I am married am I really really thinking of you?” The demons within us are not really evil they are just our dark side making some of the choice for us. Our demons are not scary we do not fear them, they are feelings and desires that we know we should in a way stay away from but we can’t, as time goes by like its been said before we learn from our mistakes and that is true in most case we know the wrong and rights, the millions things that we have said through our years of breathing have made us wish we didn’t or wish we did. Holding someones else soulmate in our hands knowing that they are theirs and not yours but still doing it, for what reason? To hurt yourself, them both or just to be an ass and have no feelings of who you damage during the process. Therefore many of who are good at keeping their demons in know that they are the ones holding the axes, on the other hand I can’t that those who do let the demons out are weak wouldn’t that be ironic?

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Love Battles

Only fight battles you are sure to win and trying to not fall in love is not one of them, everyone wants to be loved, everyone wants to be in love not everyone finds love.

Messing around now that’s the easy part, no feeling until there’s feeling. There is always two versions to every love story like the one who falls harder than falling from a bridge and the one that falls as hard as falling on a pit of roses.

When it comes to the battle of love you will need more than sword and guns. The feeling is unstoppable it is invisible you won’t even notice it until you feel it and then it will be too late to stop it you would have lost the battle without even knowing that it started.

It has been said that all’s fair in love and war, when the other person uses their weapons against you without even knowing themselves, is that a power or a curse that you don’t even know that you are hurting so many people?

Time after time we try to have a wall between you and other people to help not falling in love, is that the best idea if that is the best way to go all the time than how will you actually win a battle.’

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Let You Go

I must let you go, well see I feel heavy knowing that you’re not with me, not knowing where you’re going, who you will meet with, not that I have any right to say anything against it, I mean you’re not mine and I know, as much as I spend my time thinking if you feel anything for me when you probably don’t even think of me, as much as it hurts to see you with someone else which I would think they are not enough for you, as much as I wish things were different they are not, I have always been afraid that the meaning of letting you go means to actually lose you but it’s a must when I feel as I am carrying a elephant and I can’t breathe, and my heart is beating as fast as the moment you finish a marathon, I must let you go I was always holding on to you while you didn’t even realize I was, I never received an answer and that is the closest to no feelings at all, I must let you go even if it means losing you.’

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My Love

My love you lie always, hold your breathe as you speak, walk as slow as a moving rock. My love if I had a way to run I would for I can’t stand to look at you. 

I am not even a fool for you and you are an idiot to me, you shine as much as the darkness. If I was dying an you were my cure, I am 6 feet under. 

They have said before kiss a frog and it will turn into a prince, that has yet to be you, a frogs lips are far more soft by the looks of yours. 

You wear the clothes from ages and feel fresh in them, I want to hide under thorns, well they are less painful than the embarrassment.

My love a pig is less sloppy than you are and I am thinking of trading you for one, my love colder than the ocean and Australia.

When you sleep I want to knock you out and take you to the other side of the world, make you go insane and never come back.

My love those are the things I would say in a horrible day for my love for you is one of a kind and as rare as white peacock in the middle of Australia. 

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Dear Soulmate

Dear soulmate, you may not know it’s me for I am right next to you, we been around each other for a while now. When I look at you I feel something out of this world pulling me towards you, oh my dear soulmate I shall not see you go far from me for I will be missing a apart of myself. I rather not say that out loud because knowing your soulmate is a feeling, words can not explain the feeling, when I feel like something is missing and I visit you I am full, I sometimes think that time will eventually allowed you to realize that I am your soulmate indeed. That all the times you that you have said that you were unhappy is because you haven’t seen me as a soulmate just a friend.

Dear soulmate, I know that you have someone at the moment that  you think is the one, yet you still tell me you are unhappy I shall not rush anything because I know time will tell if this is meant to happen or not, you say you are trying to happy and yet you are unhappy.

Dear soulmate, it’s been a while since you have left the one you thought was for you, I know you been upset, but yet you seem free from everyone and everything, I will still be around and you could still take out that frustration you have for others on me I do not mind I know you well.

Dear soulmate, time has passed and I am still around, you have realized that I am the one for you that time has changed you and you are now more than what you were that you are strong and I love that more than anything, that you look at me the way I do and that the bond is strong than it ever has been.

Dear soulmate, we are now spending the rest of our days together and I believe the time that I had to wait was worth it, now I wake up every morning with a smile on my face and with one on your face laying next to me.

Dear soulmate, as we all know life is not that easy we are now old and have so many health problems at age 81 I guess at that age we don’t much more going for us, our little ones are already with their little ones and they are all happy, we did a good job with ours and us. 

Dear soulmate, you are now gone I already miss you, I want to leave with you and meet again, and if we are born again as the legend says we will find each other again, for centuries every life time, every age, every place we will find each other.’