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Beyond The Devil’s Eyes

Blame me, blame me shall you or shall you not, what does it matter anyways. I unlike ya’ll have spent not years, not days but I have been trying to please my father that whom no one or anything is good enough for him, since the beginning of time. My story has been told a billion times, yet no one can sum it all up to making it into one original movie could ya’ll, oh little petty mortals. Now don’t be bitter at the things I am rather insulting you with, I mean what would you expect from Lucifer, Devil, Satan, Prince of Darkness, and so on oh please go ahead besides my father gave you the power to do so. Now here I go, believe me or not but this will make you question all of him and all of you.

My father has always wanted the best, everything he made, when he decide to make angels he thought every detail of me. Father made me perfect head to toe made me the most beautiful I was the best angel, I was the son he spent time on. He messed up, or did he? Father had a plan from the beginning, the problem he made me too perfect angels were made to follow him. I was not I never wanted to follow anyone and I never wanted to be followed, I had Ideas I wanted a universe were no one shall follow no one where there was no god. Father had that power of being follow he didn’t hate it, my ideas grow some of the other angels agree that made father even more bitter. Until one day he cast me out of heaven into hell the darkness, the fire, all the dead souls crying like wolves for days.

Since the day I was cast into hell my job has been punishing dead souls for their little failings, those whom at one point blame the failings on me I mean why on earth would I make ya’ll petty humans do things I rather find outrages. I still work for my father; I was made to do the job he wanted to do but wasn’t meant to do because father is good old god and him hurting souls seems out of their mind. who is the evil one? I am, my father is and you are, the perfect was always made to be an imperfect plan, my father is God has the power to do whatever he please he could have just killed me and made me again instead he gave me one of the most important/evil jobs in his empire. My father created two empires Heaven and Hell, now has passed that empire to me, understand I am not responsible for your failings, they disgust me and I am not please and when you reach me I will make you pay. You will be dead and I will have your souls, but you will still feel, and you will be hurting till the day, I stop being Lucifer. I may be evil for punishing souls, the soul who made others suffer on earth, am I really evil? My father when he gave me this job does not think I am evil.’ 


Meaning of GOD!

I believe there was a God at one point in time,

My God is the person who created the human race,

And all the living things among us,

God I believe only mission was to create us, humans then the rest is up to us,

I could be wrong or right, truly no one knows the truth about God,

Yes, I know I heard about it, the Bible, this book you say isn’t it a biography?’

I mean last time I checked it was,

And even if it is true, based on this book was God meant to do good and for others to do so too,

I don’t think people in this world today are understanding what his mission is,

To give humans life to learn and do what he was meant to do good,

But take a peek at this world,

Our human race is so messed up,

He ended the world once and saved the animals not the humans at the time,

  Because we are ungrateful, because we should be helping

The ones we see, rather than wasting time praying,

To a God that actually wants us to change the world not by,

Praying, going to church, reading the Bible, but by our actions,

Save the homeless, our earth, finish the wars, change hearts, the children,

 Left without mothers and fathers,

And when you help that’s when you actually know what God meant and wants,

Because his only mission was to past the mission on to us’