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The Time I Stoled

You know the saying someone’s trash is another man treasure? Well that is what I thought when I saw this umbrella in the trash at one of the cleaning locations that I clean. As I first thought, it’s in the trash it must be trash I didn’t think much of it so I went on my day took the umbrella with me and forgot about it. The days went by and than one day before work it started to pour rain and I to use the umbrella for the first time, told one of my coworker the story of where I got it from and how. She told me this information that blew my mind, “Are you sure it was trash, some people just leave it in the trash to be dried out.” I was shook, I thought about it for a while and I did it too I left it in the trash to be dried out, than it hit me, I just stolen an umbrella. I felt bad about it and I would like to think that it was in fact trash and I was right but I have my doubts about it now. But as we all know life must go on and I am not brave enough to return it, well the facts just won’t add up. I am debating weather it is a stolen item or just an umbrella in the trash, I would like to change the past to that moment where I may or have not stolen this clear see through umbrella. I will have to carry this guilt for a long time and I am prepare for that my own actions are the ones that brought me to this moment. We all have stolen something and this was the story of my first time, I will eventually get better I just hope this does not take me in to the dark side. 


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