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Love Battles

Only fight battles you are sure to win and trying to not fall in love is not one of them, everyone wants to be loved, everyone wants to be in love not everyone finds love.

Messing around now that’s the easy part, no feeling until there’s feeling. There is always two versions to every love story like the one who falls harder than falling from a bridge and the one that falls as hard as falling on a pit of roses.

When it comes to the battle of love you will need more than sword and guns. The feeling is unstoppable it is invisible you won’t even notice it until you feel it and then it will be too late to stop it you would have lost the battle without even knowing that it started.

It has been said that all’s fair in love and war, when the other person uses their weapons against you without even knowing themselves, is that a power or a curse that you don’t even know that you are hurting so many people?

Time after time we try to have a wall between you and other people to help not falling in love, is that the best idea if that is the best way to go all the time than how will you actually win a battle.’


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