human, Love

Let You Go

I must let you go, well see I feel heavy knowing that you’re not with me, not knowing where you’re going, who you will meet with, not that I have any right to say anything against it, I mean you’re not mine and I know, as much as I spend my time thinking if you feel anything for me when you probably don’t even think of me, as much as it hurts to see you with someone else which I would think they are not enough for you, as much as I wish things were different they are not, I have always been afraid that the meaning of letting you go means to actually lose you but it’s a must when I feel as I am carrying a elephant and I can’t breathe, and my heart is beating as fast as the moment you finish a marathon, I must let you go I was always holding on to you while you didn’t even realize I was, I never received an answer and that is the closest to no feelings at all, I must let you go even if it means losing you.’


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