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Tick-tock goes the clock, I tell it to walk, doesn’t seem to listen to me, although I forgive it I mean can you blame it? Ya sometimes I feel like throwing it to the wall but can you blame me? I have to look at everyday, every hour, every minute believe me I am patient and this clock keeps ignoring me when I tell it to walk faster, I believe some humans call it “time?” Okay, I guess I know it was called time but could it change in some way I mean we are living everyday and we would think that we are in control of our lives but no we are just slaves and some of us humans are okay with that, I think I have no other thing to do about it rather than to be okay with it, if I sit down I am looking at it, I can almost hear it sometimes, I am telling you it is my bestfriend and my enemy at the same time, we should all feel great to have because if we can still hear it and look at it that means that we have time, and that is a beautiful thing’


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