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Wait is Over

The wait is over and that nail biting, hair pulling, hours getting ready have ended, that is the moment you decide that the wait is over, the moment you realize you have no chance and you’ll let it go, yeah you are completely right it will be hard to get over the one you been waiting for but now you can move on, you will stand up straight and tall as a cop pulling you over for drinking and driving, speak as if you have nothing to worry and with no sound of sadness from any word, for those words will decide the thin line between let them know if you are okay rather than uncovering your secret that you are indeed stay inlove, that you are falling apart and that if you had to wait longer you would, yet that would be more painful correct but then you think what if this waiting timeline has a different result? I rather say it won’t not a different result because you’ll be mad if all that wait was for no reason, than being to wonder if love is indeed real or just another fictional story that everyone wants to believe, as fairy godmothers and unicorns and explanation to unicorns would be they’re just like ponies when knowing well that there is no unicorns, even if love is something that seems to be real or close to it should we believe that it is real? Most people would say yes believe in it, I understand why they might say that well if you don’t believe in love you will live life wondering if it is real, doesn’t that mean that a part of you still believes in the fact that there is love out there and upsets you when you know that something that you don’t have?’


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