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Your Eyes

I think I was lost the moment I looked into your eyes, I smile as a dummy a child when staring right at a toy, cupcake, ice cream, the thought of wanting you more each day make me weak and I think some part of you has notice I might decide to let you know someday and ya it might freak you out and you might change the way you act towards me but I rather somewhat let it you know like I would be so much at peace or would I? The fact to be rejected is killing that will be the moment I lose all of the oxygen left in me, my pride would melt and I would feel odd once again in my life, yes I want you every bit of you I fell for your eyes oh lord those colored eyes if you ask me to do anything for you how could I decline that when you smile and tell me to do may things for you and the world disappears, how can I stay away if every time I look at you I fall inlove maybe I should forget it let you be happy with whoever you wish but it will hurt, I will die deep inside I will forget how to smile for a very long time I want to touch you as if I was the one allowed to do so, if I was asked if I felt this way forever ago I would have said yes either way because when I first saw you my heart stopped for light years so it felt like.’


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