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Speed Up Time

We have no power to speed up time but if we could lord how much would we, I on the other hand like to think of myself as able to do so to speed up time, the least amount of time I spend thinking about anything really makes time go way faster, so I stop every thought for so time can speed up and I can see you one more because you are not here yet and I’ll have to wait and wait, yet I’ll be patient because we don’t have the power to control time and though I like to think as myself to be able I am as helpless as anyone else, I on the other hand have to be able to control my emotions when it comes I can’t be careless, for you are married and inlove and I will not change that or so one side of me thinks the other side thinks that I should, but I am not in the Click move I do not have a remote to control time oh how I wish I could, imagine that if I made a mistake I could go back and fix it or say forget it and just speed up time, and lord knows I want you with me, why couldn’t I meet you at the right time? But when is it the right time? And why if there is no right time? Will I just be wasting time? Well you are happy are so you say so but I don’t want to believe that because I want a chance at least a bit of possibility, speed up time so I can see you.’ 


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