I know you want to see me once more, although your long thoughts of how he might get hurt or how this whole story may end leaves you to go nowhere rather than stay with him every night everyday and all I could think about is that I should not think of you no more. Let alone have feelings and wonder where you are at or what your think about. You are the wife of a man, and I cannot be selfish and just take you with me some time, yet you let me know that you want to see me and I always say yes, knowing you won’t show up because of him. I never wanted it to get to this point and keep wondering what will happen next time me see each other and no ones around. I just want to hold you, lay with you, and talk with you. I don’t blame you, for staying I might have done the same, if I was married to you. I don’t know how I feel if I love you or if this is just lust. When it’s late night and I am alone I think of you the most and I don’t even care you are the wife, I just want to see you sometimes.’


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