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The day that you may, want to take me with you and take my last breath do it now or later whenever, I just ask for you to do it in a second because I know where you are taking me. The cold yet burning place that, and I’ll be heartless but I tell you I have been cold and heartless way before you’ll come to get me and believe me when I say I will not feel the pain. I have not felt pain I do not think it’s even real and if there is it will be for a second. I have not cared for my mistakes and pleasing those around me for what I care, Cause you can do the and try not to make mistakes and once you make one that’s the day you will see the backs of the people. You most be thinking what is the point of me letting you know this well, I am just saying I will not care or feel so do not waste you time and take me in a beat for that one second is all you’ll need. I know that the place that I am going to will be of heartless ones too but we have started for the good.’


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