The Power of Women

Where would I start from, as many know that strong women have been in this Earth since the beginning. I have met many women who are actually stronger than some males. Then why do some men try to drag down these strong powerful women. The answer is rather an easy one they are afraid. Yes, afraid see when a strong women is the leader of the pack, there will always be one male that does not fully response to that in a kindy way. The answer to a male’s response is to make her doubt herself that will actually bring a woman down. The female leader will set a plan. The male will eventually come back with this following question; “but wouldn’t it work better this way”
“Why will this work”
“Are you sure about this”
Which will indeed cause the female leader to doubt their plan which they have work so hard to think of. Well here’s what I say if you are a strong woman and you know it, then don’t ever doubt yourself keep remaindering yourself what you did to be up top, and how tough it has been for you. Lady’s bring out The Women Powder!’