Lucifer (Devil)

Lucifer (Devil): He made me a torturer! Can you even begin to fathom what it was like? Eons spent providing a place for dead mortals to punish themselves? I mean, why do they blame me for all their little failings? As if I’d spent my days sitting on their shoulder, forcing them to commit acts they’d otherwise find repulsive.
“Oh, the Devil made me do it.
” I have never made any one of them do anything.
Lady:What happened to you is unfair.
Lucifer (Devil): This is unjust.
For all eternity, my name will be invoked to represent all their depravity…..’
Love this scene from the show Lucifer, people always want to find someone or something to blame their actions on, knowing well that everyone is this world makes their own choices. Yet when they have no one to blame it upon, the Devil of course is still there, why don’t they choice to blame it on God? Either way these so called immortals do not exist, so make wise decisions because it is all upon you as a person, human being.’