What Makes a Genius

We have seen throughout the years how people have\are changing. I believe we are growing minds. I also believe the minds of our species of humans could have grown more rapid and better, but for all greatness there has to be a factor slowing it down. Education is one of many factors, although some may thing it’s the reason of great minds. I am one of those who think otherwise, thinking has to be  educational, logical, and common sense.
I in fact grew up in an educational environment, not the best one but incredible enough that many intelligent students were developed from. I still in fact remember most of my middle school and high school years, my favorite subjects were literature and history. I was indeed one of those students that were hard to pay attention or to stay still during a lesson mostly because it didn’t interested me. In the education system there’s the believe that the children of the upcoming era shall all learn the samething, the same amount of information, and that’s how the minds develop into genius. If many have notice that theory is rather rubbish like don’t you think so to? Geniuses are not made out of the ones who think the same, they are the ones who think outside the box.
Logic is a huge way of making things easier to understand. In a way to see it is like breaking the problem, subject, iteam ect. down. Using what you already know or how to learn to bulit a bigger picture, making picture a statue. In developing logic the process of learning is needing meaning the learning process is shown by the teaching process, education. Logic in a way can be developed even by only the basics of education.
The thought of having common sense as one of the factor named, is pretty common sense it’s self, think about it. We with a few education skills and logic skills have develop common sense used by probably 99.9 of the world. The difference of everyone having it and those who don’t use this method all the. We all have it, we sometimes use the method without even thinking that we are using it, for example if I have a cup on top of a ball we all can figure out that it will fall. Call it the think fast method, the duh method or just common sense either way we all need it. Also some can use it better than others, think about it, think in how, when,where and com up with your own theory.
Imagine this if our children had one hour a day in school call it a free mind hour. An hour in which they would write down theories, about anything in the world that way they would create their own ideas and would try to make or prove their theories\ideas. Wouldn’t we be creating genius? Imagine if that middle school student had the idea to create a way to float on air grew up and actually did he\she would be a genius. Think outside the box because we could be making geniuses, think about it.’


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