We are the generation where technology is a huge improvement. Humans are sightly too dependable on their daily life electronics. Technology makes us extraordinary, and being extraordinary comes with an enormous responsibility. Yet many have fail to see that with all the greatness event shall come our way. The human species is in danger. I mean some incredible things such as technology can not, not be dangerous.
We shall see everything as the fact of there will be an effect. We can built, make, start anything we wanted to make what is already made but bigger and better. When we are doing all these invention we are ignoring the problems, our planet, our people, and at the same time making some joyful with all their technology iteams. You can not have an amry/military without wars, or a planet without life of its own. Yes, most may say technology will create dimensions to fantastic ideas and extraordinary minds.

The sad truth is that this is the destiny, and this is what we as human have been made to do. Many can preach about this topic and say that we are ending our own world but truth of the matter is that is what builts us’


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