Be Free

If being inlove or wanting someone that makes you happy is a sin,
Shall we all burn in hell,
Seek that as our end,
And then we all will realize that we fell into the darkness,
We are all so shallow and selfish aren’t we?
That shame of falling into the darkness of happiness,
We’ll all judged everyone and we won’t even realize that,
That is also known as a sin but I don’t see many minding for that,
Shall we let things like that happen no not really but we have
Anyone could do anything they believe and want to but we slightly set ourselves for failure in a way by giving up,
When we see things to be too difficult we run,
Or at least wish to run I can granted you that at least one out of many people you seen/talked to feels like giving up, hates their life or wishes they were somewhere else and no one could even be able to tell because everyone else is to busy thinking about their selves but when it comes to judging everyone thinks about everyone else to judge before their selves isn’t that outrages in so many ways?
Point is live your life because we never know the true answers of what is right and what is not be free in your own way’