Growing Up

Remember growing up,

How many times teachers asked you a very famous question,

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

You were ask that same question each school year,

And If the answered was, I don’t know,

The teacher would grow in shocked and would make it seem as if it was bad,

And without you understanding why they were shock,

You would say any random career to make them happy,

But lets face it most of us grew up and still don’t know what we want to be,

Most have changed our career more times that we can remember,

And if we could go back in time and change our answer to I don’t know again,

Would it be a different outcome?

Or Would it have been the same outcome with a different answer,

That why we wouldn’t have to hear the what happen?

Remember when you wanted to be a lawyer/doctor/teacher,

Kids should have a blank mind with they start school,

And make their own mind of life based on what they see,

And learn on their own,

Of course go to school and learn Math, History, English, Reading ect….

But on things like what do you want to be?

They will figure it out later in time’


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