Meaning of GOD!

I believe there was a God at one point in time,

My God is the person who created the human race,

And all the living things among us,

God I believe only mission was to create us, humans then the rest is up to us,

I could be wrong or right, truly no one knows the truth about God,

Yes, I know I heard about it, the Bible, this book you say isn’t it a biography?’

I mean last time I checked it was,

And even if it is true, based on this book was God meant to do good and for others to do so too,

I don’t think people in this world today are understanding what his mission is,

To give humans life to learn and do what he was meant to do good,

But take a peek at this world,

Our human race is so messed up,

He ended the world once and saved the animals not the humans at the time,

  Because we are ungrateful, because we should be helping

The ones we see, rather than wasting time praying,

To a God that actually wants us to change the world not by,

Praying, going to church, reading the Bible, but by our actions,

Save the homeless, our earth, finish the wars, change hearts, the children,

 Left without mothers and fathers,

And when you help that’s when you actually know what God meant and wants,

Because his only mission was to past the mission on to us’


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