20 Do/Don’ts at a Drive Thru

As we know the fast food industry is not the most well paid,

So we don’t always have the most friendly people,

Here are some simple tips to a way to receive great service:

  1. Smile back to the cashier! 🙂
  2. Have your total ready.
  3. No Yelling!
  4. Don’t be on your phone.
  5. Be patient.
  6. Be respectful.
  7. Don’t throw stuff at them.
  8. If your food is wrong just tell them, they will get it remake.
  9. Stay calm.
  10. Don’t smoke at a drive thru window.
  11. Don’t ask, “Is everything in the bag?”
  12. Stay off drugs while driving in general.
  13. Don’t tell them your life story, it’s not a bar.
  14. Don’t cry for your problems.
  15. Be fast that helps, most drive thrus have timers.
  16. Remember every place and everyone is not the same.
  17. If you are not getting the service you should be getting ask for a manger.
  18. Don’t honk at the cars, just don’t.
  19. If you ask for a refund give the food back other wise you just annoyed the cashier.
  20. Say thank you, because most are doing their jobs right.

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