Brain Washed

Have you seen someone getting brain washed?

I have everyday of and everyone I see in the world,

Yes, I see people getting brain washed by The Bible,

Tv, money, humans, and many of other things,

When did we stop thinking for ourselves,

When did we give the power of our minds away and let someone else the power,

 Having a mind set based on the things that we see,

Now that’s thinking for yourself,

Learning is the key and that is having a brain’


Growing Up

Remember growing up,

How many times teachers asked you a very famous question,

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

You were ask that same question each school year,

And If the answered was, I don’t know,

The teacher would grow in shocked and would make it seem as if it was bad,

And without you understanding why they were shock,

You would say any random career to make them happy,

But lets face it most of us grew up and still don’t know what we want to be,

Most have changed our career more times that we can remember,

And if we could go back in time and change our answer to I don’t know again,

Would it be a different outcome?

Or Would it have been the same outcome with a different answer,

That why we wouldn’t have to hear the what happen?

Remember when you wanted to be a lawyer/doctor/teacher,

Kids should have a blank mind with they start school,

And make their own mind of life based on what they see,

And learn on their own,

Of course go to school and learn Math, History, English, Reading ect….

But on things like what do you want to be?

They will figure it out later in time’



It’s funny how so many people commit,

Their minds, hearts, souls, and life to one God,

Instead of hundreds and millions of humans in this world,

That we can see and that need the help of those who;

“Believe” in the “word” of God,

That if they “Follow” God and pray and worship him they will be “Saved”

But if they did actually follow God they would know,

He wants his followers to do good and help others,

But once again people have failed to understand the truth meaning

Of God, faith, and hope’


Power of Writing

The power of writing is just too great

It’s just having a pen, paper and writing your thoughts

Down on paper lets say someone, anyone wanted

to get something of their chest and doesn’t know how to

They can literality write their feelings down

Yes we have that power to do so but not many know how to use that power

The power of writing

Many have yet to discover it

And in a matter of time we will

Know and acknowledge those whom have the power

To change the world with words either in writing or in speech’


Meaning of GOD!

I believe there was a God at one point in time,

My God is the person who created the human race,

And all the living things among us,

God I believe only mission was to create us, humans then the rest is up to us,

I could be wrong or right, truly no one knows the truth about God,

Yes, I know I heard about it, the Bible, this book you say isn’t it a biography?’

I mean last time I checked it was,

And even if it is true, based on this book was God meant to do good and for others to do so too,

I don’t think people in this world today are understanding what his mission is,

To give humans life to learn and do what he was meant to do good,

But take a peek at this world,

Our human race is so messed up,

He ended the world once and saved the animals not the humans at the time,

  Because we are ungrateful, because we should be helping

The ones we see, rather than wasting time praying,

To a God that actually wants us to change the world not by,

Praying, going to church, reading the Bible, but by our actions,

Save the homeless, our earth, finish the wars, change hearts, the children,

 Left without mothers and fathers,

And when you help that’s when you actually know what God meant and wants,

Because his only mission was to past the mission on to us’


20 Do/Don’ts at a Drive Thru

As we know the fast food industry is not the most well paid,

So we don’t always have the most friendly people,

Here are some simple tips to a way to receive great service:

  1. Smile back to the cashier! 🙂
  2. Have your total ready.
  3. No Yelling!
  4. Don’t be on your phone.
  5. Be patient.
  6. Be respectful.
  7. Don’t throw stuff at them.
  8. If your food is wrong just tell them, they will get it remake.
  9. Stay calm.
  10. Don’t smoke at a drive thru window.
  11. Don’t ask, “Is everything in the bag?”
  12. Stay off drugs while driving in general.
  13. Don’t tell them your life story, it’s not a bar.
  14. Don’t cry for your problems.
  15. Be fast that helps, most drive thrus have timers.
  16. Remember every place and everyone is not the same.
  17. If you are not getting the service you should be getting ask for a manger.
  18. Don’t honk at the cars, just don’t.
  19. If you ask for a refund give the food back other wise you just annoyed the cashier.
  20. Say thank you, because most are doing their jobs right.