Would you believe me when I say I love you

And I could never let you go

Would you believe That I still get nervous around you

That I feel tiny creatures in my belly when I see you and that I feel like a fool for smiling too much just by seeing you

Would you believe my eyes when they scream that they want you

When they look into your eyes

Would you believe my lips when they mixed with yours

When they touch and let go and touch again because they can’t bear to stay away

Would you believe my arms when they offer to protect and chariest you

That when your falling down I’ll catch you

Would you believe when I say the day we wed will be the best day of my life

That it’ll be one day you never want forget’



A piece of paper that is around us in multiplied by a billion

A piece of paper that controls every aspect of our lives

Yet we as humans don’t like to be controlled by anything

So ironic isn’t it

Money something so worthless yet worth so much

It’s not the most important thing in the world so they say

Now we have humans killing for it, stealing for it, and arguing over it….

You get the point?

And at the end of the day we don’t even know if we are still breathing by the next day

People always have money in mind when they wake up and when they fall asleep

Maybe because they know love, happiness, or peace won’t pay the bills

On the other hand this is life you can’t not have problems

Because everyone has them you just have to see all the good things in your life

And money, well money comes and goes’


Same Girls

Box of fun with all these girls that all feel different yet still the same

All of them go out at night to see neon lights on empty stomachs

Don’t have enough to eat just to fit in

They all really want to know what they want in a guy

They want to feel the burn and rush

Does that mean they could just say something nice

They’ll fall and think that’s what they really want

They need a lover with humor that has a bit of crazy

Yet they get blue jeans, leather jackets, and beer nights

That’s not love just stupid love yet it’s a type of love so all the same girl will take it

Then the truth that lover doesn’t treat me good anymore comes into place

Pack your bags and leave

Yet he’ll go after her and sweet talk her back saying

There’s a side of you I wanna see

I wanna slow dance in my living room and turn the room on fire with you

And she goes back and the story about so many girls continues…..’